Cards Against Desert Bus

A Charity Game for Awesome People!



Cards Against Desert Bus was a resounding success, exceeding all of my expectations, and raising an astounding $5237.84! I am, quite simply, floored.

So there is nothing left to do but do it again! I am putting together another set for Desert Bus 10. So more submissions are welcome, to make this set even better than before!

But wait, there's more!

The lucky person who wins it isn't the only one who can get in on the fun. Cards Against Desert Bus is available in a print-and-play version for you to enjoy. If you're interested in playing it at home, or you just want to see what cards the community came up with, check it out here.

A $5 donation to Child's Play is requested if you want to print it off and play it at home. It's for the children, after all!

But wait, there's EVEN MORE!

My goal is to continue to evolve and improve Cards Against Desert Bus as the years go on. To include even more of our favourite jokes and references, and some new ones that will inevitably be formed in Desert Bus 9 and beyond. So to that end, submissions for cards have been opened again! So if you think of a great joke that isn't in the set, or see something in the current Desert Bus that would make a great card, get over here and submit it!

Check out our Submission Guidelines and then submit to your hearts content over here