Cards Against Desert Bus

A Charity Game for Awesome People!

So what's all this then?

For Desert Bus 9, I wanted to create a custom version of Cards Against Humanity that centred around the hilariousness and absurdity that is Desert Bus - and such, Cards Against Desert Bus was born. But more than that, I wanted this to reflect the Desert Bus community itself, by taking submissions for all the cards from the amazing people that make up the chat. The response was...phenomenal.

Honestly, I can't express how much the response exceeded my wildest expectations, with the community coming in with over 1600 submissions for the set. I couldn't have been more impressed, and the amount of comedy gold in there was truly astounding. So with a great deal of difficulty, I managed to narrow down those submissions to a final set of 562 unique cards.

Now here we are, with Cards Against Desert Bus all set to be a giveaway in Desert Bus 9! I'm excited for one of you to get your hands on this awesome, custom printed set. But since the community contributed so heavily to this endeavour, I believe this needs to be even more accessible. As such, Cards Against Desert Bus is also available in a print-and play version for everyone to enjoy.

But wait! There's more!

My goal is to continue to improve Cards Against Desert Bus year after year, and to include references to present and future runs of Desert Bus. So to that end, submissions are back open once again! Think your favourite reference was missed in the current set? See anything in Desert Bus 9 that you believe belongs there? Submit them here!

If you're unfamiliar with the rules of Cards Against Humanity, feel free to read them over Here. Then, take a look at the submission guidelines below(for real, read them!) and then open the floodgates and get those suggestions in. For the children!

Submission Guidelines: Read Before you Proceed

1. Keep it reasonably clean. Remember, this is for the children, and the awesome DB community. Think of a slightly more pleasant version of the base Cards Against Humanity.

2. Same goes for copyrighted content and such. It probably wont fly.

3. Please include your Desert Bus username, rather than your real name. Privacy for one, but mostly, that's what the community knows you by. Trust me, it will be cooler this way.

4. In the event of multiple people submitting the same card, my goal will be to include as many unique people as possible in the set. Some doubling up may happen if necessary.

5. Once you've made your submissions, see if you can spread the word to others in the Desert Bus community. Let's get as many people in on this as possible!

6. Be awesome. But this is the Desert Bus community I'm talking about, so you need no help with that!

If you have any questions, comments, queries, concerns, quizzes or conundrums, feel free to contact me(Rob, aka OccamsRazor) at: