Cards Against Desert Bus

A Charity Game for Awesome People!

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Okay, so, you've read the Submission Guidelines , right? If not, go there now and take a look! Once you've done that, feel free to submit a card(or two! or seven! or forty-two!) below.

Want to see what cards were in last year's set? Check out the Print and Play version for the full set!

White Cards: Explore some unexpected and amusing way to word things, such as "Enough Silica Gel to dry the ocean." instead of just "Silica Gel."

Black Cards: Try to keep the possible answers fairly open. Try to make sure nouns(i.e Terms of Service) and possibly verbs(QWOPing Balls) will work gramatically and make some degree of sense.

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Some Basics, just in case

Black Cards are what start the round. They are typically a question(i.e What Crashed the Bus?) or a blank that can be filled in(i.e Sir. SIR. This is a _______.) The question will be answered or the blank will be filled in by playing a white card.

White Cards are played in response to black cards. They are typically objects(i.e The Duck Onesie), an action(i.e Uncontrollable Frumping) or a concept(i.e The Mere Mention of Semi Charmed Life), but the possibilities for variation here are endless.

- Typically, only the first word will be capitalized(i.e Our newest prize this year is _____.), except for names, and
key phrases like "Desert Bus".
- Use punctuation at the end of the card(periods or exclamation points, or my personal favourite, interrobangs!?).
- Avoid articles in black cards - try and avoid leading into the blank with "the" or "a", as it limits the cards that can be played on it.(i.e This year, we are auctioning off _________. -NOT- This year, we are auctioning off a ________.)